Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (2023)

By Bronwyn Lee

Choosing the right Pharmacy Perks can be the difference between life and death in The Outlast Trials.

Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (1)

The Outlast Trials features a plethora of perks and upgrades that players can purchase as they make their way through the game, giving their character all sorts of useful abilities to help them through their Trials. Players can find some of these perks in the Pharmacy, where Emily Barlow will sell them Prescriptions. The Pharmacy will become available to players once they hit Level 3. At this point, players will only be able to access the Tier 1 Prescriptions. Once they have bought every available perk in Tier 1, players will unlock the more powerful Tier 2 perks.

The Outlast Trials can be incredibly difficult, and players will want to make sure their hard-earned money is going towards the best upgrades they can buy. With so many available, players may not know which perks to prioritize and buy first, but luckily, they can find some of the best Prescriptions in The Outlast Trials here.

10 Instant Use - Tier 1

Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (2)
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The Instant Use Prescription is available for players as soon as they unlock the Pharmacy. It allows players to unlock the ability to interact with an object instantly, instead of having to add it to their inventory first for use.

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This perk shines in situations where the player finds themselves with a tight inventory. Instead of having to forfeit some of their items to pick up a heal, players can use this ability to heal with objects they find as they make their way around the Trial.

9 Slide - Tier 1

Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (3)

For gamers who have played the original Outlast, the Slide Prescription may seem familiar. Unlocking this perk will allow players to slide if they press the crouch button whilst sprinting. Not only is this ability incredibly fun, but it's also great for helping players out of a bad situation. Players can use this perk to slide out of the way of an enemy and evade their attacks.

This is a great perk for players to pick up early on, as it will greatly improve their survivability. Once they have it, they'll wonder why they didn't buy it sooner.

8 Regeneration - Tier 1

Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (4)

Players unlocking the Regeneration Prescription will find their survivability increased by quite a lot. This handy perk will result in a small amount of health regenerating after a short delay. This perk in particular is handy for newer players to pick up, as extra health is always going to be helpful, and can be the difference between winning and losing a Trial.

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The Regeneration perk also saves the player some inventory slots, as they can focus on picking up more offensive items instead of healing.

7 Run and Smash Doors - Tier 1

Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (5)

The Run and Smash Doors Prescription is probably one of the first perks players will find themselves picking up, and for good reason. This Prescription allows players to instantly open doors whilst they are running, as well as being able to crack locked doors.

Players will find that this perk is incredibly helpful when they're being pursued, as it gives them a few extra seconds to escape their enemies. One of the most frustrating things players will find they have to do in a chase is stopping to open a door, giving their pursuer time to catch up with them. Luckily, this Prescription stops just that, making it great to have around.

6 Speed Boost - Tier 2

Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (6)

The Speed Boost Prescription does exactly as its name implies, and gives players an increased running speed. Though the speed boost could be a little faster, there is truly no downside to being able to move around the Trials at a quicker pace. The speed boost allows players to make more ground on their pursuing enemies, potentially saving them from taking a hit, or worse, being killed.

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It also allows players to traverse their objectives faster, allowing them to beat their enemies to the location. The Speed Boost Prescription is just nice to have for players making their way around the Trials and is overall a decent perk to have.

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5 Heavy Training - Tier 2

Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (7)

The Heavy Training Prescription, first made available for players at Tier 2 in the Pharmacy, allows players to move faster when they are carrying large objects. This perk is really helpful as players are often at their most vulnerable when they are carrying large objects around.

Being able to do this quicker reduces the time they spend in a state of vulnerability, and is overall just a really handy Prescription to have. It's especially for certain objectives, such as carrying fuel to start up a generator.

4 Expanded Inventory - Tier 2

Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (8)

Players who unlock the Expanded Inventory Prescription will have access to four extra inventory slots during their time in the Trials. This means they'll have plenty more space to gather more stuff to throw and additional health packs.

Using this Prescription can also give players a bit more flexibility with their builds. For example, players can use some of the more experimental Rigs as they'll have some extra space for items to use as a backup.

3 Endurance - Tier 2

Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (9)

The Endurance Prescription reduces the player's stamina consumption when running. No matter how stealthy players think they are, at some point or another, they're bound to bump into one of The Outlast Trials' terrifying enemies. It's at this point players will be grateful they grabbed the Endurance Prescription, giving them an extra few precious seconds to gain some ground on their pursuers, and hopefully make their grand escape.


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Some players might just prefer running around their Trials anyway, without being too concerned about bothering enemies, and the extra stamina lets them go on for a little bit longer. Whichever play style players prefer, the Endurance perk is always handy.

2 Athlete - Tier 2

Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (10)

Athlete is an overall decent Prescription to have, and can be unlocked once players reach Tier 2. This perk will increase the player's maximum stamina. The Athlete Prescription is handy because stamina affects most things in The Outlast Trials, such as bashing, running, jumping, and climbing.

As a result, this perk is incredibly helpful for players to have. Having that extra bit more stamina could save a player from being caught by an enemy.

1 Doors Basher - Tier 2

Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked (11)

The Doors Basher Prescription is an absolute must, and players will be able to unlock it once they hit Tier 2 in the Pharmacy. This ability allows players to break through locked doors in just two hits, which can easily save a player in an intense chase.

The quicker the player can take down a door, the quicker they can get away from their pursuer. It's a win-win. It's especially helpful for solo players, who can't rely on their teammates to help make a path for them.

The Outlast Trials is available in Early Access on PC.

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Best Pharmacy Perks In The Outlast Trials, Ranked? ›

If you want to meet The Outlast Trials minimum requirements, you'll need the equivalent of an AMD Radeon R7 360 graphics card, an Intel Core i7-3770 processor, and 8 GB of RAM.

What is the minimum for outlast trials? ›

If you want to meet The Outlast Trials minimum requirements, you'll need the equivalent of an AMD Radeon R7 360 graphics card, an Intel Core i7-3770 processor, and 8 GB of RAM.

What do you do in outlast trials? ›

The Outlast Trials offers gamers terrifying cooperative play and scary enemies. The game has players compete in deranged tests for unknown scientists during the cold war. Players can either play the game solo or cooperatively with the online multiplayer feature, facing damaged people who wish to cause harm to them.

What age is The Outlast Trials for? ›

The Outlast Trials contains mature content recommended only for ages 17+

What does outlast trials come out? ›

It is the third installment in the Outlast series, serving as a prequel to the first two games and features test subjects in a mysterious Cold War experiment. The game was released on May 18, 2023 via early access for Microsoft Windows.

How many hours does it take to finish Outlast 1? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Outlast is about 5 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 10½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What age limit is outlast 2? ›

The Series, Outlast Age Rating is TV-14.

Who is the main villain in Outlast trials? ›

The Skinner Man is a mysterious antagonist in The Outlast Trials. He is a phantom-like entity in a business suit who frequently pursues the Reagents throughout the Trials whenever they suffer from Psychosis.

Is there a secret ending to Outlast? ›

Secret Endings

After you finish the game, there is one last school segment with Jessica. At the very end, you see her and she looks like she is dead, due to her skin being pale and a large bruise around her neck. However, if you meet certain requirements you can make it so that Jessica looks completely healthy.

What is the ghost thing in Outlast? ›

The Walrider is a being that took possession of Billy Hope and was controlled by the latter in a lucid dream. It is the main antagonist in the game.

Why was Outlast banned? ›

The Board apparently viewed scenes where the game's main character, Blake, was involved in some kind of sexual violence.

Why is Outlast an 18? ›

Terrifying horror game loaded with violence and sexual references. Anyone who says this game is acceptable for anyone below 18 is trolling you - be warned. Outlast 2 is relentlessly dark, gory and violent, with constant, extremely graphic sex references throughout.

Is Far Cry 5 suitable for a 14 year old? ›

Parents need to know that Far Cry 5 is a violent first-person shooter for the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows. Using guns, explosives, a bow and arrow, and other weapons, players have to kill a ton of human enemies, as well as some animals, and it often results in bloodshed.

Will Outlast trials be 4 player? ›

The Outlast Trials is available in early access for £25/€29/$30 on Steam and the Humble Store. You can play either alone or in four-player co-op.

Is Outlast the game based on a true story? ›

Project MKUltra was a project conducted by the CIA in which they tested drugs and procedures meant to brainwash and mind-control humans. The fact that this was a real event in history is disturbing enough, but Outlast takes inspiration from these events and amplifies them even further.

Can you fight in Outlast trials? ›

During these trials, players are subjected to violence at the hands of the area's monsters. Like in previous Outlast games, fighting isn't really an option, with evasion and hiding being the best way to avoid getting attacked.

What is the hardest difficulty in Outlast 1? ›

Difficulties. Outlast originally had a standard difficulty. After a few updates, the game features four standard difficulties; Normal, Hard, Nightmare and Insane.

Why is Outlast 1 better than 2? ›

Even though it came first, we have to admit that Outlast has far better gameplay design than Outlast 2. The first Outlast played like a quiet horror movie, as you were forced to sneak around enemies, find safe passages, and run from evil people who wanted to kill you.

What is the FPS cap for Outlast 1? ›

Frame rate is capped at 62 FPS.

Is Outlast 2 inappropriate? ›

A woman dies giving bloody birth to what players are meant to assume is the Antichrist. Blake frequently uses extremely strong profanity in response to what he sees. Parents should also note that the story makes heavy use of Christian concepts and symbolism, which the cultists pervert to justify their vile actions.

Is Outlast 2 a AAA game? ›

For a non-AAA game, Outlast 2 impressed me with fantastic visuals, excellent lighting (or lack thereof) and a near-constant 60fps framerate.

Is Outlast gory? ›

This gory cooperative horror game is unique and memorable, but sometimes for the wrong reasons. The Outlast Trials is a horror movie in reverse, in ways both good and bad.

Who cuts off your fingers in Outlast? ›

Trager takes the camcorder and sets it down on the sink before washing his hands. He then has a short talk with Miles about Father Martin and his religious viewpoints before taking a large pair of bone shears and cutting off two of Miles' fingers.

Who is the scariest Outlast character? ›

Outlast is a game filled with murderous psychiatric patients but Doctor Richard Trager might be the scariest of the bunch.

Who is the fat guy in Outlast? ›

Chris L. "Strongfat" Walker is the secondary antagonist in Outlast and a minor antagonist in Outlast: Whistleblower.

How did Lynn get pregnant Outlast? ›

The cults could have induced Lynn into an accelerated false pregnancy, or the microwave towers manifested the existence of the baby and pregnancy altogether. She wasn't. The entire game alludes to the child being entirely made up by Blake's distorted mind that was heavily affected by Temple Gate's nearby radio towers.

Who is the scariest villain in Outlast? ›

With his large physique, sinister grin, and relentless need to twist people's heads off like a bottle cap, Chris Walker is a terrifying force to be reckoned with.

What happened to Miles Upshur after Outlast? ›

If you have played the game, then you know Miles is shot down. But he is not killed. The Walrider chose Miles Upshur as his host, and is capable of reviving damaged cells. Which is exactly what he does to Miles, and then Miles controls the Walrider and uses him to destroy Murkoff for payback.

Is The Walrider a Demon? ›

The WALRIDER, also known as an "Alp," or "Mara," or "Schrat," is a demonic creature of German origin that torments sleepers. They crouch on a sleeper's chest and crush the breath from him. The sleeper wakes terrified, paralyzed, and asphyxiating.

Why are Outlast characters deformed? ›

Variants are the results of the exposure of patients from the Mount Massive Asylum to the Morphogenic Engine created by former Nazi scientist Dr. Rudolf Wernicke. The after-effects of the therapy altered their mind and provoked physical deformities.

Is The Walrider any good? ›

It can easily overpower any Variant, including the large, muscle-bound Chris Walker, as shown in the Underground Lab when Walker is brutally murdered. The Walrider is relentless in its pursuit, while doors will slow its progress somewhat, it is capable of going underneath them.

What game inspired Outlast? ›

Developer Red Barrels have pointed to the survival-focused gameplay in Amnesia: The Dark Descent as a primary influence on the combat-free narrative style of Outlast. Found-footage horror films like Quarantine and REC also served as influences.

Is Outlast 1 really scary? ›

Is Outlast too scary to play? Very scary with jumpscares, creepy topics, people chasing you, and you are in the dark almost the whole game. There is way to much blood, there is a ton of torture and crucifixion, just don't let any young kids play this.

Is Outlast banned in any countries? ›

Outlast 2 banned in Australia for about two days

Lovely. This, apparently along with inclusion of 'implied sexual violence' tipped the Australian Ratings Board over the edge, prompting it to refuse even handing out the highest R18 level of ratings.

How old is Miles in Outlast? ›

Miles Upshur
Physical attributes
7 more rows

What year did Outlast 1 take place? ›

The note states that the video is 25 years old. Asssuming the game does not take place in the game's real-life release year of 2013 (which would make the recording 28 years old, and thus a legit goof), then it means that the events of the game take place in 2010.

Is Outlast 2 rated? ›

I highly enjoyed this game, but the content makes it a 16+ for sure.

Why is Far Cry 6 rated r? ›

The ESRB rating for Far Cry 6 has Content Descriptors for “Intense Violence,” “Blood and Gore,” “Mild Sexual Themes,” “Strong Language,” and “Use of Drugs and Alcohol.”

How gory is Far Cry 6? ›

Violence & Scariness

Blood and gore are regularly shown onscreen, including scenes that show executions, suicide, and torture. There are also dismembered corpses scattered around the environment and appearing in some cutscenes.

Can a 13 year old play mature games? ›

Steer clear of any rated "M" for "mature" (for ages 17 and older) or “AO” for “adults only.” (for ages 18 and older). These can contain heavy-duty violence, strong language, and sexual content. Playing games with your kids is a good way to see what they're doing.

Is Outlast trials asymmetrical? ›

The Outlast Trials is not asymmetrical, you can play either co-op or solo.

Can you use weapons in Outlast trials? ›

This means that there are no weapons to utilize, but only a video camera that acts as night vision goggles to use in the dark. Using the camera repeatedly drains the battery which must then be replaced by scavenging for replacements around your environment.

How is Outlast trials connected? ›

The game is set in the same universe as other Outlast-related titles and takes place in the year 1959, during the height of the Cold War era, where players take on the role of test subjects—referred to as Reagents—abducted by the Murkoff Corporation.

What religion is Outlast 2? ›

Testament of the New Ezekiel is an antagonistic cult led by Sullivan Knoth that appears in Outlast 2. The group resides in a remote settlement known as Temple Gate. The cult's insignia is a cross with two interlocking wheels in reference to the prophet Ezekiel's vision.

Is Mount Massive asylum real? ›

Mount Massive is based off a real mountain of the same name, located in the Sawatch Range of the U.S. state of Colorado. Mount Massive Asylum is modeled after H. H. Richardson Complex, which is also a mental asylum located in Buffalo, New York.

Is Miles in Outlast: Whistleblower? ›

Miles Upshur is an investigative reporter and the unseen protagonist of Outlast and a secondary character in Outlast: Whistleblower. He arrives to investigate Mount Massive Asylum based on a lead he received from an anonymous source.

Is Outlast 3 out yet? ›

It is the third installment in the Outlast series, serving as a prequel to the first two games and features test subjects in a mysterious Cold War experiment. The game was released on May 18, 2023 via early access for Microsoft Windows.

How long does it take to 100% Outlast? ›

Achieving 100 percent competition in Outlast means finding all the documents and recordings, plus earning all the achievements or trophies. This type of run will take you around 10 hours to complete.

Is Outlast 2 blasphemous? ›

Outlast II is undeniably shocking and gory and blasphemous and at times terrifying, but it ends up cheating its way to most of these objectives.

Is Outlast trials only VR? ›

Welcome to The Outlast Trials. creation, variety… and gore." Get ready. (And no, the game is not VR.)

What are the system requirements for trail out? ›

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10. Processor: Intel Core i5 3570. Memory: 8 GB RAM. Graphics: GTX 1050Ti.

How long is Outlast 1 DLC? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Outlast: Whistleblower DLC is about 2½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 4½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Will Outlast trials be single player? ›

Can You Play The Outlast Trials Alone? The great news about The Outlast Trials is that it's not exclusively a multiplayer title. Sure, it may be more fun and easier to finish the trials with at least one other player on the team. However, you can play all of the Trials in The Outlast Trials alone.

Is Outlast DLC a prequel? ›

The downloadable content, Outlast: Whistleblower, serves as an overlapping prequel to the original game. The plot follows Waylon Park, the anonymous tipster to Miles Upshur and shows the events both before and after the main plotline.

Can the trail be played offline? ›

You'll need to be connected to the internet when you first load that day's Trail. You'll need to reconnect at least once a day. For the best experience, it's recommended to reconnect, even briefly, every few hours, we'll prompt you on every timeslot boundary (usually a few times a day).

What is the minimum req for Far Cry? ›

System Requirements

Processor: AMD Athlon™ 1 GHz or Pentium® III 1 GHz. Memory: 256 MB. Graphics: 64 MB DirectX® 9.0b-compliant graphics card (see supported list*) Sound: DirectX 9.0b compliant PCI card (Sound Blaster Audigy series recommended)

Can I run a way out PC? ›

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 64-bit, 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit. Processor: Intel core i3-2100T @ 2.5GHz/AMD FX 6100, or better. Memory: 8 GB RAM. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650Ti 2GB, AMD Radeon HD 7750 2GB.

Is Outlast 1 hard? ›

Difficulties. Outlast originally had a standard difficulty. After a few updates, the game features four standard difficulties; Normal, Hard, Nightmare and Insane. When playing on the regular difficulty, enemies are less aware of the player's whereabouts.

Does Outlast 2 tie into Outlast 1? ›

The relation between outlast 1, whistleblower, murkoff account and outlast 2 ? Well, OUTLAST and WhistleBlower take place at the same time. Murkoff Account tells the story that happened between OUTLAST 1 and II. OUTLAST II is either the end of the OUTLAST story, or the beginning of something new.

Will Outlast 3 be single-player? ›

It's not going to give you the same experience Outlast 1/2 does. It is far and away a much better experience with at least one additional person. It's not single player, and it's never been advertised as such. It's an online multiplayer game.

Is Outlast Trials 4 player? ›

You can choose to complete the trials by yourself or you can tackle them in a team of 2, 3, or 4 players. Coop is never forced when it comes to mandatory objectives but working together can be highly beneficial. Whatever the number of players in your party, it's about surviving and getting out.


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